As an industry leading wheel repair service, here at CNC wheels we strive in maintaining excellence and are devoted to ensuring that damaged alloy wheels are restored to their original condition. Our team of highly qualified and skilled alloy mechanics take immense pride in their work, and are committed to delivering services that exceed customer expectations. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, our team can effectively refurbish or restore any given damage to your wheels. Whether it’s a simple scrape or extensive, our team will always ensure that your wheels are handled with care.

For cost effective wheel repair services in Sydney then look no further than CNC wheels. You don’t have to the break the bank to repair your wheels. At CNC wheels, we have a fixed pricing service. Regardless of the damage done, our prices remained fixed and always will be! With the tools and expertise to refurbish any damaged wheel, we are a alloy wheel repair service you can trust!

At CNC wheels we are trained and certified to repair and refurbish any wheel, regardless of the damage endured. We currently offer may repair wheel services in alloy machining, drilling and spraying, alongside our advanced CNC machines. Get in touch with us today to get a quote on the price of our high-quality, professional rim repairs.

Please give us a call to receive an obligation-free quote for services below: – All prices are exclusive of GST:


  • Normal drilling for 4 stud or 5 stud wheels
  • Reboot or redrill (with steel insets) for 4 stud or 5 stud wheels
  • Normal drilling for 6 stud or 8 stud wheels 
  • Reboot or redrill ( with steel insets) for 6 stud or 8 stud wheels


  • Borehole or hub machining
  • Offset machining

Face Machining

  • 15 inch up to 17 inch
  • 18 inch and 19 inch
  • 20 inch and 21 inch
  • 22 inch and 24 inch

Add a Clear Coating

Simply give us a call on 1800 CNC 000 (1800 262 000) to receive an obligation-free quote.

Alternatively, simply fill out the contact form and we will have one of our friendly experts call you back to answer any questions you may have and to take your enquiry to the next stage – full restoration.

Thank you for visiting CNC Wheels, we hope you were able to find what you were after and we look forward to being able to provide you with the best refurbishment service that Sydney has to offer.