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Vertini wheels create forged, stylish, and luxury alloy wheels with the very best standards and a vision of culture perfection. Vertini rims emphasise unique designs and detailed finishes that complement high-performance and luxury vehicles from any brand out there. All Vertini wheels are made in Taiwan and are engineered utilising computer-simulated measurable element analysis and examined exceeding SAE standards applying real-world weight variables to assure safety, performance and strength. The advanced technology allows Vertini to ensure the forged wheels are strong, fast and attractive, inevitably leaving you and others with an outstanding impression.

Vertini wheels are born with the obsession of creating stylish wheels by expanding handcraft and technology to the most significant standards, settling for nothing less than pure perfection while including the best elements that only luxury wheel can possess. Vertini rims offer a more exclusive, individual forged rims that is exciting thanks to its bold design. Below are the various styles of Vertini wheels to help you discover your favourite:

► Vertini RF1.1

Vertini RF1.1 is the lightest and strongest wheel in the Vertini’s current lineup. Vertini’s wheel range is produced using the latest and most modern German manufacturing process that uses pressurised rollers to stretch the rim to the desired measurements (creation of forged rims). By doing this, Vertini can produce a lightweight multi-spoke wheel with charming designs and dynamic fitments for American (Popular choice by Ford Mustang owners), European and Asian made vehicles. This rotary forged and concaved wheel style will give your ride a complementary look once it’s rolling.  The RF1.1 will be available in Gloss Black, Gloss Graphite, Dark Tint Face, Brushed Silver Face and Brushed Bronze. This wheel comes in 17×7.5, 20×8.5, and 20×10 with multiple offsets and PCD patterns to suit various types of vehicles.


► Vertini RF1.2

The RF1.2 embodies the perfect blend between performance and style. This elegant lightweight multi-spoke wheel design offers plenty of punches and fully compliments your high-performance ride. The Vertini RF1.2 is carefully crafted to bring out the luxury desire known by the brand and expose your vehicle to new fields in the automotive industry. As it’s a special design by Vertini wheels, the RF1.2 is offered in Gloss Black Tint Facein 20×8.5, 20×10, 22×9 and 22×10 as well as multiple offsets and PCD patterns to match any vehicle out there.


► Vertini RF1.7

Are you looking for a wheel that is attractive, unique and set your vehicle apart from the crowd, at the same time enjoying a whole new experience of smooth driving? Then the Vertini RF1.7 is for you! This one-of-a-kind design already hit the nail in the head for its luxurious appearance and have exceeded expectations of many drivers around the world. The 5-spoke wheel has set itself apart with the deep concave face and cutting-edge lightweight technology giving both elegant design and high performance. Regardless of styles and sizes, the RF1.7wheel is available in 19″ and 20″ (width 8.5 to 11), in Brushed Silver Chrome Lip,Gloss Black Chrome Lip, Brushed Bronze Chrome Lip and Gunmetal Dark Tint Brushed Face Chrome Lip with different PCD models and offsets.


► Vertini Magic

When the company introduced the Vertini Magic rims to the market, it was one of the biggest hits thanks to its unique multi-spoke classic mesh design and special concave style towards the centre. When other wheel brands made it in 3-piece, Vertini Wheels made it in only 1-piece forged wheel.The Magic Concave rim is a one-of-a-kind lightweight and performance wheel that adds to any vehicle aggressive look when it’s rolling. The Vertini Magic is available in two finishes – Machined Silver Chrome Lip and Matte Black Gloss Black Lip. It is now offered in 19”, 20”, and 22” in verity of offsets to fit most 5-stud vehicles.


► Vertini Drift

The Vertini Drift is one of the top first-class wheels that perfectly redefine the brand by its bold, quality and luxury appearance. The carefully crafted 5-spoke wheel adds style to your prized possession while tilt casting technology provides maximum strength and flexibility, allowing everything to seem possible when you are driving. The shiny and thick stainless steel chrome lip can be recognised from miles away setting up the emotions and make heads turn when this thing is rolling. Vertini’s advanced technology allows a wide range of casting styles while ensuring outstanding durability and lightweight for better handling, braking and cornering. This piece of art is available in two finishes, Gold Chrome Lip and Black Chrome Lip, in 19×8.5, 19×9.5, 20×8.5, 20×9, and 20×10 to suit most 5-stud vehicles.

► Vertini Dynasty

Vertini Dynasty wheels are cutting new ground in cast wheel technology. The new Dynasty offers a unique touch of style, bringing out the elegance of this premium concave wheel. The attention to detail creating this wheel gives a perfect fit, exceptional lightweight and vibration-free ride for improved handling, braking and cornering. The rim inner lip that mounts a flowing row of rivets delivers nothing but luxury design taking this wheel to the next level. These rivets come in a Chrome finish for the Machined Silver and Dark Tint, and a beautiful Gold rivets finish for the Satin Black and Slate Grey. The Vertini Dynasty wheel is also available in Gloss Black With Black Bolts. Now available in 19”, 20”, and 22” to fit most vehicles accommodated with5 stud patter.

Vertini Wheels are made in a wide range of colours and designs, so it is likely to receive a set that perfectly blends with your car exterior. Brushed bronze, black, grey and slate silver are just part of the choices available. No matter what image you want your vehicle to reflect, a set of Vertini rims can enhance it.

Raising the bar on the quality and performance of its wheels very high, Vertini goes in step with the development of the wheel industry, being one of its driving sources. The company utilises innovative technologies and advanced production techniques to manufacture best-in-class wheels that exceed customers’ expectations. CNC Wheels is proud to be one of the only few official dealers of Vertini wheels in Australia. In the near future, we are looking at bringing new Vertini rims styles into the Australian market, including Vertini RF1.3 / RF1.5 / RF1.7 in most sizes and finishes.

largest range of Vertini wheels Australia

Vertini does not only creating new wheels and designs; they are continuously on a race of exploring new techniques to improve the quality of its products. The company utilises a rotary forged process, till casting and flow-forming processes to bring premium-quality forged wheels to the Australian market. All these processes are aimed at increasing the end products and minimising production costs to make the wheel even more affordable to customers. Thus, the tilt casting technology minimises the bubbling effect and reduces the number of air pockets in aluminium. At the same time, the spin forming process improves the grain structure of aluminium, which allows for making thinner, stronger and lighter forged rim barrels. As a result, the final product provides the highest standards that your car possibly can get, in terms of appearance and performance.

At times, purchasing wheels, particularly online, can be a bit tough to the mind. You required to understand things like the width, maximum diameter and stud pattern, also sometimes even how big the clearance should be for large brake systems. We, at CNC Wheels, got your back! Fortunately, our online wheel selector makes all of that stuff dead easy. All you need to know is the make and model of your car and then select the size of the mag wheel you want. Too easy!

Likewise, when you visit our CNC Wheels shop, and our helpful staff will present you with all your options and help you choose a wheel that is just right for you. They will even help you customise your wheels where possible.