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Alloy Wheel Repair Sydney

Did you type Alloy Wheel Repair or Wheel Refurbishment Sydney into Google? Then we guess that means you’re looking for experienced and highly-qualified Sydney based alloy wheel repairers to fix your car’s damaged rims? Because if that’s the case then you need look no further than CNC Wheels, Sydney’s #1 alloy wheel specialists.

Based in Lansvale, CNC Wheels have a reputation for providing the most reliable and cost effective rim repair service in Sydney. Using the latest start-of-the-art machinery, CNC Wheels can effectively restore any size rim, no matter how minor or severe the damage is. With over 10 years’ experience in the field, you can rest assured that your beloved wheel rims will be restored to their original condition. With a fully qualified team of wheel and rim repair specialists trained in using the latest in computer-controlled machining technology, CNC Wheels really is your one-stop-shop for alloy wheel repairs in Sydney.

Alloy Wheel Sales Australia-wide

CNC Wheels not only repair alloy wheels, we also sell custom-built alloy wheels, and are proud to stock an extensive range of industry leading mag wheel brands. And when you couple all that with the fact that we offer a terrific range of tyres for sale too…then we really are the only call you’ll ever have to make to make your car’s wheels stand out from the crowd!

Your One-Stop Shop for Fast Alloy Wheel Restoration

At CNC Wheels, all the alloy wheel repairs we do are carried out in-house, which allows us to maintain total quality control and keep prices down. We are justifiably proud of our hard-earned reputation for providing the most reliable and cost-effective wheel repair service in Sydney.

It doesn’t matter whether you need full mag wheel restoration, or else are looking to buy some amazing custom-built rims or some budget, after-market alloys; because CNC Wheels is the one phone call you’ll ever have to make. Our experienced rim repair engineering team employs state-of-the-art, computer-guided machinery to effectively restore any size or style of alloy rim, no matter how minor or severe the damage is, to pristine showroom condition.

CNC Wheels Make Effective Rim Repairs Easy

At CNC Wheels, we focus on making the repair process as smooth as possible for our many satisfied Sydney customers. We achieve this in three simple steps.

  1. When you bring your vehicle to our convenient Lansvale workshop, located in Sydney’s south-west, one of our specialist engineers will conduct a thorough inspection of the damaged rims and provide you with a competitive quote for the restoration work.
  2. We understand that you’re probably too busy to wait around for the rims to be repaired. So, after you approve your quote, simply leave your damaged wheels with us and we will fit spares on your car for you, so that you can continue your journey and return at your leisure. No need to even leave your car!
  3. Our service is fast and reliable. We aim to have the alloy wheel repairs done and ready for re-fitting within 2-3 days. All at a fraction of the cost of buying new rims (though if you want to buy new mag wheels we have a huge stock to choose from!).

Convenient Same-Day Priority Service Available

If your work or family commitments dictate that you simply can’t wait 2-3 days for the alloy wheel repair work to be completed, CNC Wheels now offer a handy, same-day restoration service. All you need do is drop your wheels off before 8.30am and – for an additional payment of just $100 on top of your repair – we GUARANTEE that you will have your fully restored rims back before 5.30pm  the same day.

Trusted Throughout Sydney to Restore Recognised Alloy Wheel Brands

You may be thinking that you must return to an expensive car dealership if you have premium brand alloy wheels to restore. But think again, because at CNC Wheels our experienced engineers are qualified to complete restorative work on a whole host of premium and luxury marques alloy rims, including (but not limited to):

  • AMG (Mercedes)
  • Aston Martin
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Corvette
  • Dodge
  • Ferrari
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Hummer
  • Jaguar
  • Lamborghini
  • Porsche


If you are unsure if CNC Wheels Australia can repair your particular brand of alloy wheel, please contact our office on 1800 262 000, where our friendly customer care team will be pleased to offer you advice and arrange a competitive quote.

You Can Depend On our Highly-Skilled Team of CNC Engineers

We achieve consistently high standards of alloy wheel restoration, thanks to the dedication of our engineering team, who are exhaustively trained in the use of Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) lathes, grinders and mills, which are essential tools for providing a professional finish. It takes years to fully master the skills required to become one of our engineers and we only employ the best in the business. People who can successfully repair bent, warped, cracked, scuffed, scratched and corroded rims to showroom condition. If you’re looking to return your wheels to factory condition, this is the only way to do it and the only alloy wheel repairer in Sydney with the experience to do the job properly.

We Invest in Leading-Edge Alloy Wheel Repair Equipment

A tradesman is only as good as his tools, as the old saying goes, which is why we insist on providing our staff with the best specialist engineering equipment available anywhere in Australia. Modern Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) versions are gradually replacing traditional (multi-spindle) lathes and other gear, due to their relative ease of set-up, operation, accuracy and repeatability. Computer screens make life easy by providing various menus and display simulated views of the ongoing engineering process for pin-sharp accuracy. This helps to avoid expensive mistakes and allows us to restore alloy rims to their original, mint condition.

Face-machining is one of the main CNC techniques we use in alloy restoration. It is an incredibly intricate process that takes into account every aspect of your wheel’s radius and volume, as well as the precise curvature of the spoke pattern. It requires remarkable attention to detail but provides superb results at remarkably affordable prices. The majority of present day alloys have machine-faced finishes, and the wheel’s face is cut using a CNC machine and then clear-coated for added protection and durability. One sure-fire way to identify this finish is by getting up close, where minute cut lines should be revealed. When done correctly by experts like CNC Wheels, this technique provides the rims with an extremely slick and professional look, free of blemishes or imperfections.

Forged Wheels Custom-Built to your Own Unique Design

For many of our customers, off-the-shelf wheels are just not enough and they are looking for a truly unique design that you will not see anywhere else on the road. In response to this, CNC provides a custom-built, forged alloy wheel service in-house at our Sydney alloy wheels workshop. Forged alloy wheels combine great strength with lightness for optimum handling.

Our talented engineers will sit down with you and program their CNC machines to create beautiful, sculpted designs with stunning spoke shapes and configurations. We can even arrange for you to come in and see your precious new wheels being created. It is a fascinating experience witnessing the advanced technology in action, which any dedicated petrol-heads will hugely appreciate. Much more fun than opting for standard, imported wheels!

Full Tyre-Fitting Service Available

It is important that correctly sized tyres are fitted to your rims, for the ultimate in performance and safety. Breaking, accelerating and overall handling will then be razor-sharp. CNC Wheels supply a full range of new tyres, from budget versions to premium brands, including Michelin, Continental, Yokohama, Nitto and Pirelli. Once your tyres are on, our technicians will ensure that the tracking and balance are correct, so that steering is perfect and your tyres wear evenly.

Painted Alloy Wheels

Painting alloy wheels may appear easy to do, but it actually takes many years of experience and a strong grasp of the various techniques and stages required to achieve the perfect finish. At CNC Wheels we use industry-leading spray painting techniques to bring you consistently outstanding results.

Every car owner is different and the final appearance and colour of your rims is all about personal taste, which is why CNC Wheels can custom-paint them in any colour or shade you desire. It might be a subtle finish that complements the style of your vehicle or a vibrant, striking one that showcases your individuality. There are few limits to bespoke paint finishes, so let our creative team help you to express yourself!

Bespoke Alloy Wheel Design

As a company with over 10 years’ experience in the wheel repair and refurbishment business, we can produce sophisticated, multi-tonal alloys with ease. If you’ve come across rims on the street or in magazines that really grab your attention, please bring us a photo and our talented painting team will do their best to replicate it. We can also color-code wheels to match the shade of your vehicle’s paintwork.

Naturally, our spray technicians insist on using state-of-the-art equipment and high-grade, durable paints and lacquers, to produce pristine finishes that not only catch the eye but are made to last. We always keep abreast of new innovations, so we can offer you the latest and most cost-effective wheel treatments available in Australia.

Choose Our Popular Fixed-Price Rim Repairs

For alloy wheel repairs in Sydney that won’t break the bank, look no further than CNC Wheels. Customers return to us time and again, thanks to our 5-star service rating and attractive fixed-price deals. That means it doesn’t matter whether you’ve slightly scraped a rim trying to squeeze into a tight parking space or had an encounter with a pothole at high speed and seriously buckled your front wheels – the price you pay for the repair remains the same. Something our many Sydney alloy wheel repair competitors fail to offer.

Call Our Alloy Wheel Repair Team Now for a No-Obligation Quote

Our friendly team will be happy to discuss your alloy wheel repair or purchasing requirements, and are happy provide a competitive quote over the phone, to save you travelling to our Lansvale workshop. You could also email a photograph of the damage, to help our technicians make an assessment.

And remember, you’re one phone-call away from the best alloy wheel refurbishment and repair service Sydney has to offer!