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Alloy Wheel Paint Service

CNC Wheels has been Australia’s  #1 company for alloy wheel paint for over 15 years. That’s because we provide the very best in personalized service, we use the most advanced equipment and employ Certified technicians only. CNC Wheels is the name to remember when you have an alloy wheel that needs paint, whether it’s the same finish or colour change, we provide a first-class alloy wheel paint every time.

Durable And High Quality Rim Paint

We believe that details matter. If this is important to you, You’ve come to the right place. We utilize the latest state-of-the-art machinery as well as an advanced painting system combined with high-qualified rim painters to produce only the highest quality finishes. From gloss black paint to gunmetal machined face, we maintain industry-leading by monitoring every step of the process to achieve the very best finish.

Choose From Gloss, Satin or Matte Finish

Gloss, Satin or Matte – Finding the right paint finish for your alloy wheels can be tricky, but there are a few guidelines that might help you decide. If you like your rims to pop up with a sparkling finish when they roll, then gloss is for you. If you like a flat finish that does not reflect light at all, then matte finish is your choice. Lastly, if gloss is too shiny and matte is too flat for your rims – a satin finish would be the ideal option. It’s not too reflective and at the same time not too flat, allowing to show the natural appearance of the alloy wheel.

Alloy Wheel Colour Change

Changing the colour of your alloy wheels can give your car a whole new appearance. Instead of touching up or refreshing your old rims, CNC Wheels can colour change or custom recolour your alloy wheels. We paint the entire rim in any colour imaginable. Simply tell us the look and finish you after and let our team take care of the rest. There are over 5,000 colours available, and black alloy wheel colour change is the most popular and fashionable choice right now.

Thinking of changing the colour of your wheels and brake calipers at the same time? We offer convenient service for both wheels and calipers paint with custom colour options. Show off your style by adding a durable colour to your car’s brake! For more info, please contact us here.

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What’s The Process of Alloy Wheel Paint?

Precision requires consistency and consistency requires control. CNC Wheels’ in-house painting facility has been developed specifically for alloy wheels, utilize state-of-the-art components. Below are the steps of our alloy wheel paint service:

  • The tyre is removed using professional equipment.
  • Each rim gets a deep clean and paint stripping.
  • Precise inspection for any gutter rash and scratches.
  • Primer is applied to aid paint adherence.
  • Processing the first round of baking in a specialized oven.
  • A paint of your choice is applied.
  • Processing the second round of baking in a specialized oven.
  • Wheels are cooled down in a separate room.
  • A fine layer of high-quality clear coat is applied.
  • A final cool down and inspection for quality.
  • Your newly painted alloy wheels are fitted and balanced onto your vehicle.

If your alloy wheel has a machine face finish, then it will require another step in the process. The rim has to go through our state-of-the-art CNC machine to get the finest machined face finish. Learn more about our diamond cut alloy wheel finish here.

Did you know? We also provide unique custom powder coating wheels service utilizing state-of-the-art components and the highest quality powders to produce an elegantly uniform finish that stands the test of time. Whether you’re looking for something one of a kind or just a standard powder coat wheels finish, CNC Wheels can cater to almost every need! Learn more about powder coating wheels here.

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Our friendly Sydney-based team is here to discuss all your alloy wheel painting requirements. We offer a stand-alone alloy wheel paint service or you can combine this with full wheel refurbishment, to remove any defects your rims have picked up over time.



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