CNC Wheels has been at the forefront of Computer Numerical Controlled machine development for over 10 years, allowing us to integrate the most accurate and cost-effective technology into our rebuild and restoration service with each and every project we undertake.

CNC Wheels is a family owned and run alloy wheel repair and restoration specialist based in Sydney, New South Wales. As such, and following a long history in CNC mechanics and a burning passion for motorsport, CNC Wheels was founded to allow people from all walks of life the freedom to completely restore their scuffed, scratched, bent or dented alloys at a reasonable price. There are many “specialists” out there who simply respray wheels but charge for a complete restoration and it’s our aim, at CNC Wheels, to provide genuine, professional and incredibly high quality restorative work to alloys that have been around the block. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the highest quality in workmanship, whilst providing our services over a very short timeframe and at a price that’s sure to impress.

Useful Fact:

Did you know that a damaged rim can have a number of other serious negative effects on your car, other than just looking bad? Depending on the damage, rims can cause your fuel consumption to go up, cause unnecessary tyre wear and even increase the chances of a blowout? These problems can easily be avoided and at a much, much cheaper rate than simply replacing the damaged alloy. Aluminium is incredibly malleable, meaning that it can be heated up and reshaped in a matter of hours, without losing its strength. Regardless of whether your wheels’ bead seats have been corroded, their barrels are creased, their outer rims are checkered or you’re noticing cracks in their bodies, don’t assume that they can’t be fixed! If there’s a will, there’s a way and at CNC Wheels we will fix your wheels in the most professional, cost-effective way possible. Call us today on 1800 CNC 000 (1800 262 000) for a free quote on having your wheels serviced and see for yourself how quick, easy and affordable it can be to have your alloys restored today!