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CNC Wheels has been at the forefront of Computer Numerical Controlled machine development for over 10 years, allowing us to integrate the most accurate and cost-effective technology into our rebuild and restoration service with each and every project we undertake.

CNC Wheels is a family owned and run alloy wheel repair and restoration specialist based in Sydney, New South Wales. As such, and following a long history in CNC mechanics and a burning passion for motorsport, CNC Wheels was founded to allow people from all walks of life the freedom to completely restore their scuffed, scratched, bent or dented alloy wheels at a reasonable price. There are many “specialists” out there who simply respray wheels but charge for a complete restoration and it’s our aim, at CNC Wheels, to provide genuine, professional and incredibly high quality restorative work to alloys that have been around the block. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the highest quality in workmanship, whilst providing our services over a very short timeframe and at a price that’s sure to impress.

Biggest Range Of Wheels And Tyres

Here at CNC Wheels, we pride ourselves on having the largest range of wheel brands, sizes and finishes available in the market. Choose from a simple set of standard wheels, to complete customized rims, CNC Wheels has something to fulfil your needs. We’ve been proven a leader in the wheel and tyre industry, and we proudly distributing major brands like Black Rock, Fuel, GT form, Niche, Vertini, Hussla, KMC, Avid wheels and many others.

Why CNC Wheels is The Best Wheel And Tyre Website

With over a decade in the automotive industry, we view ourselves as partners with our customers to offer first-class customer service and support. We use state-of-the-art web technology that allows us to provide you with the safest and most secure online shopping experience. Not only can you feel confident ordering from us but we also provide fast and accurate shipping right to your door.

100% Fitment Guarantee

We guarantee, regardless if you purchase online or in-store, that your wheels and tyres will fit your vehicle correctly. Over the years, we have developed a large database making it easy for you to find the right fitment. Simply navigate to the search form and select your vehicle make, model and desired wheel size. After you submit your order, our team of expert go through each online order to confirm the fitment, and if more information is needed, we will contact you before sending out your order.

Free Mounting And Balancing

Ordered a wheel and tyre package online from CNC Wheels? We make installing your wheel and tyre packages easy. For more convenience, we mount and balance the pakcage and send it to your door ready to install. All you have to do is jack up you vehicle and install your new wheel and tyre package straight onto your vehicle. We also provide free isntallation kit that includes wheel nuts and hub rings (if needed) to save you the additional cost.

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