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Powder Coating Wheels

Finding the right look for your alloy wheels can be challenging. If you own a set of aluminium or alloy metal wheels (the most popular and common wheel type), then you should check out alloy wheel powder coating service near you.

Powder coating takes its name from a dry-base chemical combination that is applied to the surface of the alloy wheel. After each rim is covered with a powder coat layer, the rims are heat-treated to produce a smooth, even and durable finish. This result in a tough “skin” layer for your alloy wheels that will stand in any road conditions.

Where To Get Wheels Powder Coated?

Powder coating alloy rims is becoming increasingly common among wheel brands and favourited by customers. Many think that it’s simple to apply powder coat onto alloy wheels, heat them and wait for final results. Well, it not as easy as you imagined. You’ll need sandblasting equipment, quality powder paint, powder gun, and a specific oven type. The overall alloy wheel powder coating process can be difficult and can cause several issues. So let a professional shop with the right tools and experts do it properly.

Cost To Powder Coat Wheels

Wondering how much it cost to powder coat rims? The average cost is between $200 to $250 per wheel. This will depend on the rim size and required colour. Just make sure you get a specialized alloy wheel shop (not a commercial powder coat shop) to get your wheels powder coated.

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How is Powder Coating Applied?

Precision requires consistency and consistency requires control. Proper preparation work plays a crucial role in the outcome of powder coating rims. It’s important to remove any brake dust, grease, dirt, stone chips, gutter rashes and any other road contamination your wheels might have. Even if your alloy wheels are brand new, they must go through chemical soaking to strip away any existing paint or coat.

Below are the essential steps involved in the process of powder coating rims:

  • The tyre is removed using professional equipment.
  • Each rim gets a deep clean and paint stripping.
  • Precise inspection for any gutter rash and scratches.
  • A coloured powder coat of your choice is applied.
  • Processing the first round of baking in a specialized oven.
  • Wheels are cooled down in a separate room.
  • A fine layer of high-quality clear coat is applied.
  • Processing the second round of baking in a specialized oven.
  • A final cool down and inspection for quality.
  • Your newly powder coated wheels are fitted and balanced onto your vehicle.

There are many colours to choose from. It can be a standard finish such as black, silver, and white or a custom finish such as red, bronze, and blue.  Similar to traditional alloy wheel spray paint, you can select your preferable powder coat colour and then select the finish. There are three available powder coat finishes to choose from in order to achieve your desired results.

High Gloss Finish

If you like your wheels to pop up with a high shine finish, then gloss black powder coat is your choice. It provides a smooth, glossy and luxurious factory-like finish. This finish will turn heads every time a strong reflection sparkle your ride as the rims roll.

Satin Finish (Semi-Gloss)

If gloss is too sparkling and matte is too flat for you, then the perfect middle option for powder coating rims is satin finish. Semi-gloss finish is less reflective and at the same time not too flat – just in between. Satin powder coat allows just the right amount of reflection to shows the natural appearance of the rim.

Matte Finish

Matte powder coat finish is a common choice among car enthusiasts that want to showcase a more sporty look to their ride. Matte finish creates an aggressive, tough and race-inspired appearance, making it extremely popular with aftermarket tunes, sedan cars, SUV’s and 4×4 trucks.

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Powder Coating Rims At CNC Wheels

Powder coating is an excellent option to make your rim pop again or simply if you tired from the standard look of your alloy wheels and want a colour change. The right powder coat can give your ride new life without breaking the bank. Choose from popular finishes like gloss black, matte bronze or matte gunmetal to create an entirely new look and joy to your ride.

At CNC Wheels, our powder coating service is guaranteed to be the best in Australia. With over 15 years of experience in alloy wheel repair and paint and a highly qualified team, our creators have invested in the most advanced powder coating system available in the market. We also invested in the most advanced powder coat finishes that specifically made for alloy wheels to produce the highest quality finishes, every time! So no matter what colour you choose, be sure that you’ll receive industry-leading quality.

When Can I Book To Get My Wheels Powder Coated?

Booking for powder coating wheels will be available after we inspect the quality and consistency of our newly made powder coating system. Unlike others, our in-house powder coating facility has been developed specifically for handling wheels, utilizing state-of-the-art components and the highest quality powders to produce the finest finishes that stand the test of time.

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Have any questions? Our friendly Sydney-based team of experts is always on hand to discuss your alloy wheel powder coat requirements, and will happily provide a fast, competitive quote. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to meeting you and carrying out your powder coat rims to the highest standards. Please contact us here or call us on 1800 262 000.