Bent Or Buckled Alloy Wheels Service

Buckled rim gives you an unpleasant experience when you drive? Then we guess it’s time to get it fixed! Based in Sydney, CNC Wheels have a highly-qualified and experienced team that can repair your bent rims. If you’re looking to return your wheels to factory condition, this is the only way to do it and the only bent or buckled wheel repair in Sydney with the experience to do the job properly.


Dangers Of Driving On Bent Rim
If left unadjusted, wheel bents can cause vibrations or air loss on your rims and dangerously causing the tire to come off the wheel and also damaging both the steering and suspension systems since it gets difficult to turn your wheels accurately. Before you met with any dangerous situation, get your wheel checked with an expert.

Is It Possible To Repair A Bent Rim?
CNC Wheel’s technology allows us to straighten rims of any style up to 26” in diameter. Our Certified Wheel Technicians use a combination of hydraulics, pulls, flange tools, heat, and experience to bring your damaged wheels back to factory specifications. Once our Certified Wheel Technician has examined your wheel, we will restore it back to a “true round” condition. We will ensure that your wheel meets factory specifications before you leave our shop.

How Long Does It Take To Fix Bent Or Buckled Rim?
It takes 1 day to fix a cracked rim, but in worst-case scenario, if you can’t wait one day to repair your buckled rim, CNC Wheels now offer a convenient, same-day service. All you need to do is drop your wheels off before 8:30am and – for an additional payment of just $50 on top of the cost – we GUARANTEE that you will have your fully restored rims back before 5:30pm the same day.

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose CNC Wheels
1. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction!
2. Acknowledge you when you first arrive to our shop.
3. You pay after the job has been completed and you have inspected the results.
4. We specialise in all types of alloy wheel repair.
5. In-house experts with over 10 years experience.
6. Committed to providing quality and professional wheel repair service.
7. Fair, honest and reasonable pricing.
8. Keep our waiting room clean and inviting.
9. Complete your job on time as promised.
10. Give you an outstanding experience and value for your money spent.

Call CNC Wheels Now For A Bent Rim Repair Quote
Our friendly Sydney-based team is here to discuss all your wheel repair requirements. If you have any inquiries or questions on bent wheel repair, please contact us on 1800 262 000.


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