We’re known as a full-service alloy wheel repair shop that specializes in wheel painting and diamond cut/face machining finishes. But did you know? We also one of Australia’s largest one-stop-shop for wheels, tyres, and wheel and tyre packages. CNC Wheels been serving over 50,000 satisfied customers nationwide, offering an extensive collection of wheels and tyres to fit any vehicle make and model.

All our work is guaranteed. We take the extra steps to comply and exceed Australian standards. Therefore, our technicians are highly qualified with many years of experience in the automotive industry. Our team is committed to providing quality and professional wheel repair service at fair, honest and reasonable pricing.

Alloy Wheels Repair


For over a decade in the automotive industry, CNC Wheels is Sydney’s most trusted alloy wheel repair specialists. our fully accredited and highly trained alloy wheel repair engineers know the ins and outs of how to repair numerous makes and models and brands of alloy wheels. We always strive to offer you great advice, top-class customer service and genuine value for money. So when you bring your damaged rims to CNC Wheels, you know you’ll be treated fairly.
Alloy Wheels Paint


CNC’s wheel painting technicians can custom-paint and powder coat your wheels to any colour or shade you desire, whether it is one that complements the style of your vehicle or showcases your own individuality. We will take on any challenge you give us and our technicians are also adept at painting complex, multi-tonal alloy wheel finishes. If you are not sure which colour to go for, our team of experts can help you choose from over 5,000 shades and finishes available in-store and paint your alloy rims to the highest standards at a great price.
CNC Face Machining
At CNC Wheels, we have invested heavily in CNC machining (the best available engineering technology) to guarantee our customers consistently outstanding results. Our largest computer-controlled lathe can fully restore alloy rims up to 24-inches in diameter, which means it can easily accommodate all common wheel models. This is state-of-the-art, precision machinery, programmed by experts to produce a high-quality, accurate finish every time. As our name states, we specialized in CNC face machining and diamond cut alloy wheel finishes.
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment


Don’t let your old alloy wheels spoil the appearance and value of your vehicle. Our expert team at CNC Wheels can restore and refurbish alloy wheels to a showroom finish! Old wheels can induce curb rash, scrapes, and paint discolouration caused by age or weather.  Our refinishing process includes stripping paint off, repair all gutter rashes (full restoration) and lastly a fine coated finish is applied on a fresh layer. With our refinishing process, we can refinish almost any type of alloy wheel finish back to new condition.
PCD Drilling And Offset Machining
As they are so many sizes, bolt patterns, offsets, and dimensions of wheels, it is crucial that you work with an experienced shop that knows what will and won’t work for your specific wheel application, as well as using the right tools to make sure the job is done correctly. CNC Wheels has the latest state of art wheel machining equipment in-store, so we can provide services that other shops simply can’t offer, such as PCD drilling and re-drilling, offset machining and centre bore machining.
Brake Calipers Paint
As the number of forged wheels and cast wheels keep growing with a modern look and sleek design, your vehicle’s brake calipers get attention like never before. Unluckily, most manufacturers pay little attention to the vehicle brake calipers. You will be amazed to find out what the added touch of colour in the right place can do to your vehicle. At CNC Wheels, we have the technical abilities and specialist equipment required to provide you with a first-class break caliper paint job every time with over 5,000 colour patterns to choose from.
Cracked Rim Repair
The most dangerous risk while driving on a cracked rim is that tyre surrounding the damaged wheel can completely blowout, which causes un-drivable condition. When a tyre blowout at high speed, it can lead to total loss control of your vehicle. Cracked rim can also cause issues with alignment, uneven tyre wear, damage to suspension, and steering difficulties. Not all cracked alloy wheels can be repaired, so do contact our friendly Sydney-based team to discuss your cracked rim repair requirements.
Bent Or Buckled Wheels
Buckled rim gives you an unpleasant experience when you drive? Then we guess it’s time to get it fixed! CNC Wheels have a highly-qualified and experienced team that can repair your bent rims. If you’re looking to return your wheels to a new shape, this is the only way to do it and the only bent or buckled wheel repair in Sydney with the experience to do the job properly. We ensure that your wheel meets factory specifications before you leave our shop.

Type Of Damages On Alloy Wheels

Discover the most common damages on alloy wheels

Bent / Buckle

Often can be seen on the inner lip of the rim, but also possible on the outer lip and face. Usually result of a pothole, curb, or other road hazards.


Gutter Rash Damage

Typically the result of gutter rash, road debris, or driving on a flat tyre. The damage is generally located on the face of the wheel, lip, or spokes.



Caused by roadside chemicals, brake dust, salts, or other external elements.


Deep Gutter Damage

Often the result of direct contact with road potholes and/or other hazards that might require welding and CNC machining.



Can happen because of road debris and other hazards. Not every crack can be repaired, so please contact our rim specialists for advice.


Offset Machining

A wrong wheel offset can cause damage to your wheels and reduce driving stabilities. This requires a professional wheel offset machining.


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