CNC Machining Sydney

As our name suggests, CNC Wheels are the CNC Machining Sydney experts! Based in Lansvale, we derive our company name from an advanced engineering process, known as Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining. This cutting-edge system allows us to offer you the finest alloy wheel refurbishment services in Sydney, bar none.

Advanced CNC Technology

At CNC Wheels, we have invested heavily in CNC machining (the best available engineering technology) to guarantee our customers consistently outstanding results. Our largest computer-controlled lathe can fully restore alloy rims up to 24-inches in diameter, which means it can easily accommodate all common wheel models. This is state-of-the-art, precision machinery, programmed by experts to produce a high-quality, accurate finish every time.

Complex rim restoration jobs, that would previously have been impossible or take so long that they would become prohibitively expensive, can now be swiftly completed, without compromising on the standard of work for which CNC is renowned. In fact, the finish is usually markedly superior to traditional methods, when modern CNC systems are employed by our highly-trained engineers.

CNC Milling Machines Deliver Perfect Results Every Time

Our large, leading-edge milling machines are as good as they get and can run at extremely high RPM. They are computer-controlled, multi-functional tools, which enable our skilled machinists to effortlessly complete a wide range of challenging, engineering tasks. These include face-machining, the drilling of blank alloy wheels or the re-drilling of rims to make them fit onto different vehicle models with steel inserts. Because the settings can be memorized by the machine’s software, the task can be rapidly repeated on all four wheels, without the need for reprogramming or retooling. This saves us time, which means it saves you money!

Forged Wheels Built to Customer Specifications

CNC milling machines and lathes use diamond-cutting and are also capable of making forged wheels from scratch, to the precise profiles our Sydney customers demand. This means you can specify the number and design of your mag wheel spokes, and we will custom-build them in our Lansvale workshop in Sydney. We insist on doing all the work in-house, so we can maintain quality control and deliver you outstanding rims that will be the envy of your friends and turn heads on the street.

Forged wheels are the best you can buy but command a premium price, due to the use of high-grade 6061 aluminum alloy. The payoff is that they look outstanding on the vehicle and combine superior strength qualities with exceptional lightness. They are also significantly stronger than traditionally cast wheels.

Even Buckled Wheels Can Be Successfully Restored

Hitting a kerb is often unavoidable when taking evasive action in traffic, as is being forced to turn a bit too sharply in your local shopping centre’s car park; and the consequences for alloy rims at times like these can be catastrophic. Fortunately at CNC Wheels we have CNC machines that can fully restore even seriously buckled rims. Once we finish the job by cleaning, spray-painting and clear-lacquering your wheel, before refitting and balancing, it will be almost impossible to know it was ever damaged, even on close inspection. This repair process is far more cost-effective than having to purchase brand new rims.

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