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Machined Alloy Wheel Repair

As our name suggests, CNC Wheels are the CNC Machining Sydney experts! Based in Lansvale, we derive our company name from an advanced engineering process, known as Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining. This cutting-edge system allows us to offer you the finest machined alloy wheel refurbishment services in Sydney, bar none.

Advanced CNC Technology

At CNC Wheels, we have invested heavily in CNC machining (the best available engineering technology) to guarantee our customers consistently outstanding results. Our largest computer-controlled lathe can fully restore alloy rims up to 24-inches in diameter, which means it can easily accommodate all common wheel models. This is state-of-the-art, precision machinery, programmed by experts to produce a high-quality, accurate finish every time.

Complex rim restoration jobs, that would previously have been impossible or take so long that they would become prohibitively expensive, can now be swiftly completed, without compromising on the standard of work for which CNC is renowned. In fact, the finish is usually markedly superior to traditional methods, when modern CNC systems are employed by our highly-trained engineers.

machined alloy wheel repair

Diamond Cut Wheel Refinishing

Whether you drive a BMW or Mercedes, if your wheels are machine cut, then there is only one way to properly refinish this type of alloy wheels. Our state-of-the-art CNC machine designed specifically to achieve the most uncompromising finish and quality standards for diamond cut wheels. We developed proprietary steps that include the use of mills with high rigidity to reduce the cycle time and produce smoother diamond cut finish to give your wheels a unique look.

Diamond cut wheels are becoming more common on today’s makes and models, as they are available in various styles and sizes. It’s relatively easy to spot if you have diamond cut wheels. The surface looks very shiny like raw alloy with very fine lines under the lacquer, and often have a different colour on the insides spokes. During the refinishing process, a think layer is cut and removed from the wheel’s surface to reveal the natural aluminium shine. Them, a lacquer coat layer is applied to protect the wheel and ensure long lasting results.

We Repair Diamond Cut And Machine Face Wheels

It’s time to make your car’s wheels really stand out! Is your machine cut wheels have gutter rash damage, or you simply want to change the look of your rims from one-tone to two-tone wheels? At an affordable price, you can have beautiful lines and shine that diamond cut and machined face wheels offer. With our team of experts (over 15 years of experience combined) and in-house CNC machines, we can perform this service at the highest quality in the market leaving an unmatched original look finish to your wheels.

VW Golf GTI wheel repair after

Machined Lip Wheel Repair

Machined lip finish wheels are repaired correctly only by using advanced CNC machine. It is a very precise process that requires inspections on every step to ensure reproducing the accurate finish. At CNC Wheels, we invested in the top of the line equipment, combined with highly-trained rim repair team with specialist knowledge of complex engineering techniques to repair your machined lip wheels back to showroom condition.

rays g25 alloy wheel repair beforerays g25 alloy wheel repair after

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Our Sydney-based team is available now to answer your machined wheel repair questions and prepare a competitive quote to refurbish your beloved alloy wheels. We offer a stand-alone machine face wheel repair service or you can combine this with full wheel refurbishment that includes repair, paint and CNC face machining.


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