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In the search for wheel PCD drilling and wheel machining service? CNC Wheels got you covered. We have the most skilled team to give you the best alloy wheel custom machining results. So if you’re looking for experienced custom machining work with an excellent reputation for service and quality, you need to look no further!

CNC Wheels is passionate about custom wheels and dedicated to serving customers with top quality results. We have the right combination of specialized equipment and experienced professionals to ensure the perfect fit, every time.

As they are so many sizes, bolt patterns, centre bores, offsets, and dimensions of wheels, it is crucial that you work with an experienced shop that knows what will and won’t work for your specific wheel application, as well as using the right tools to make sure the job is done correctly.

CNC Wheels has the latest state of art wheel machining equipment in-store, so we can provide services that other shops simply can’t offer. CNC Wheels specialize in PCD drilling (drilling a new PCD or re-drilling PCD on the top of the original holes), offset machining (change offsets of wheels), and centre bore machining (machining the centre bore hole larger).

What Is PCD On a Wheel?

The Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is the diameter of the circle that goes through the centre of all the studs or wheel bolts. The bolt pattern of the rim should match the bolt pattern of the vehicle to ensure fitment.

Can You Change Wheel Bolt Pattern (PCD)?

At CNC Wheels, we can custom machine wheels to fit your vehicle. Our qualified engineers are second-to-none when it comes to customising your wheels. We can either drill blank rims or re-drill to change stud pattern. We offer two types of redrilling, a standard redrill and dual drill. View the images below which illustrate the difference.  Keep in mind that some bolt pattern changes can’t be made.

How Much Does It Cost To Re-drill Wheels?

Depending on the current and required PCD, the cost is varying between $40 to 50$ each wheel.  Please contact us about the particular changes you require.

alloy wheel drilling redrilling rims centre bore machining
alloy wheel drilling redrilling rims centre bore machining

Alloy Wheel Offset Machining

Wheel offset is one of the major determining factors on whether a wheel will fit your car or SUV. If you have your eyes on a set of alloy wheels that don’t quite fit your car because of different offset, fear not as there is a solution. At CNC Wheels, we can change offsets by shaving the back of the alloy wheel using the latest CNC machine.

Alloy Wheel Centre Bore Machining

The centre bore of a wheel is the machined opening section in the middle of the wheel that centres the rim properly on your car or SUV. If you are interested in wheels that simply can’t fit on your vehicle because of a small hub bore, CNC Wheels can machine out the centre bore to exactly fit your vehicle bore.

We Can Customize And Change

CNC Wheels specialize in wheel machining to fit custom applications.

Wheel PCD Drilling

We specialize in blank wheels ready to be drilled and machined.


Wheel PCD Re-drilling

Using the fill and drill technique, we can change existing bolt patterns.


Offset Machining

Our in-house machinery allows us to custom change offset on alloy wheels.


Centre Bore Machining

We can machine the centre bore of your wheels to make it larger.


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    FAQ Wheel Machining

    Can my wheels be re-drilled?

    Most wheels can be drilled as long as the new bolt pattern in within 8mm. In any case, please feel up the form on this page and our team will advise you whether the wheels can be drilled or not.

    Do you have to remove the tyres?

    Yes, before we can drill, redrill, offset machine or centre bore machine your wheels, the tyres have to be removed. We do offer removal, remount and balance for an extra charge.

    How long does the process take?

    It depends on the service and our workload, we usually take 1 to 3 days to complete the job. We also offer express service for an additional charge.

    Do I need hub rings?

    We recommend hub rings for wheels that are not hub centric.

    Can I ship you my wheels?

    Yes, please contact us before shipping to get a quote for return shipping.

    Our address is:
    3 Kurrara St, Lansvale, Sydney NSW 2166, Australia.

    How much will it cost to machine my wheels?

    Depending on the service, as well as the current and required changes, the price varies from $30 to $70 per wheel. Please fill the form above with your enquiry and our team will respond with a free quote.