brake caliper paint

Brake Caliper Paint

Looking for brake caliper paint? Then look no further than CNC Wheels in Lansvale. Based in Sydney, CNC Wheels have the most skilled team to give you whatever look you decide to go for! For over a decade we’ve specialised in painting brake calipers. So if you’re looking for experienced caliper painters with an excellent reputation for service and quality, you need to look no further!

Sydney’s Leading Brake Caliper Paint Service

As the number of forged wheels and cast wheels keep growing with a modern look and sleek design, your vehicle’s brake calipers get attention like never before. Unluckily, most manufacturers pay little attention to the vehicle brake calipers. You will be amazed to find out what the added touch of colour in the right place can do to your vehicle. At CNC Wheels, we have the technical abilities and specialist equipment required to provide you with a first-class brake caliper paint job every time.

brake caliper paint
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Using The Best Quality Of Paint

At CNC Wheels, we use PPG products only, which is the highest quality of paint and clear coat. Combining PPG’s expertise in coating and theologies to aid automakers around the world, such as Ferrari and Maserati, the company has become the image and identity of many vehicle brands.

With over a decade working with PPG products, this is the only paint we trust! Our paint technicians have used PPG products for the past 15 years, convinced by their depth of colour, heat resistant (advanced UV protection), consistency, ease of application and impressive durability.

Custom Brake Caliper Painting to Your Specifications

CNC’s wheel painting technicians can custom-paint your brake calipers to any colour or finish you desire, whether it is one that complements the style of your vehicle or showcases your own individuality.

Choose the right brake calipers colour that attracts the eye and highlight the style of your rims. Whether it’s an aggressive red, bright blue, burnt copper, satin black or bright yellow, we are here to really make your vehicle’s brake calipers stand out from the crowd. No matter what colour you choose, we got you covered with more than 5,000 different colour patterns to choose from.

Quality Formulas And Years Of Experience

The Complete Brake Caliper Painting Process

In order to provide a resilient finish that resists peeling and quality job, our paint shop technicians first remove all four wheels from the vehicle and the entire vehicle is wrapped in plastic sheeting to prevent overspray. Next, all four calipers are cleaned off existing grime, rust deposits while making sure all the surrounding areas are masked off and ready for paint. Then, primer is applied to brake calipers and followed by a colour of your choice (over 5,000 colours to choose from) is applied and allowed to dry. This crucial stage is followed by a logo sticker of your choice (mostly available for large brakes) is applied, and then the brake calipers are sprayed clear coat. Finally, all masking and protective sheeting are removed and wheels are installed.

Note that we stock limited brake logo stickers such as Brembo, AMG, Porsche, Audi, STI, Lamborghini, HSV, Maserati, Aston Martin and more. Please contact us to check availability prior booking.

Make Your Brake Calipers POP!

Our friendly Sydney-based team is here to discuss all your calipers paint requirements. Contact us today with your inquiry and receive a free quote for brake calipers painting.  Fill the form below and include your desired calipers paint and with or without logo. Please include photos, it helps in making more accurate quotes.


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    The Fine Art Of Brake Caliper Painting

    Painting brake calipers is not the same as painting a fender. That’s because the brakes get hot, really hot. Therefore, the paint should expand and contract during temperature swings without bubbling, cracking or peeling off. At CNC Wheels, we made it our mission to create unique pigments with high-temperature additives to make your brake calipers stand the test of time.

    How Not To Paint Brake Calipers

    So how are others doing it? Many repair shops completely remove the calipers and paint them. Here is the issue with that: The brakes have to be bled when reinstalled causing damage to your freshly painted calipers. This could end up costing you to have them redone the right way. At CNC Wheels, we get your calipers professionally painted while attached to the car without the need of removing them from your car or SUV.


    Below are only a few reasons why you should choose CNC Wheels.

    Attention To Details

    CNC Wheels is committed to providing quality and professional brake caliper paint service.

    Choose Your Style

    Whatever style you have in mind, we can paint your brake calipers accordingly.

    Quality Paint

    We believe that using the best paint produces the best looking brake calipers.

    Brake Caliper Painting Specialists
    Show off your style by adding an unexpected pop of colour with durable, heat-resistant custom caliper paint.