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Mag Wheel Repair Sydney

For Mag Wheel Repair Sydney, look no further than CNC Wheels in Lansvale. For over ten years we’ve been Sydney’s most trusted mag wheel repair specialists and our fully accredited and highly trained alloy wheel repair engineers know the ins and outs on how to repair numerous makes and models and brands of mag wheels. And unlike other Sydney mag wheel repairers, we don’t believe in charging a premium price, just because we’re offering a premium service. So when you bring your damaged mag wheels to CNC Wheels, you know you’ll be treated fairly, and that you’ll drive away with mag wheels that look as good as new again….but at a fraction of the cost.

Sydney’s Most Trusted Mag Wheel Restoration Service

When you entrust CNC Wheels with refurbishing your car’s alloy wheel repair, you know that you are in the hands of highly-trained rim repair mechanics with specialist knowledge of complex engineering techniques and leading-edge mag wheel restoration equipment. Our team is comprised of only the most dedicated and skilled professionals in the Sydney mag wheel restoration business. We complete multiple successful rim repairs each and every day of the week. Our guys work fast, without compromising on workmanship, and always go the extra mile to deliver you the highest quality mag repairs. With over 15 years’ experience in the field, you can always rely on CNC Wheels to give your alloys the dedicated attention they deserve.

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All Types of Aluminium Mag Wheel Repairs Undertaken

Mag wheels may appear tough and resilient to the untrained eye but there is a price to pay for their lightweight, aluminium construction, which makes them highly susceptible to cosmetic damage, including scuffs, scratches, pitting or even serious cracking and buckling. Nothing looks worse than an expensive car with chewed up mag wheels!

Whether your spoilt rims are the result of burnt brake-dust working its way gradually into the metal surface, or of accidentally driving your car over a cavernous pothole, or just because you took that Westfield car park corner a little too sharply, CNC Wheels are the mag wheels repair Sydney specialists. All our technicians are committed to restoring your wheels to the best possible condition so that you will drive away happy and confident that the job has been done to the highest standards of workmanship.

Fast and Competitive Mag Wheel Quotes Over the Phone

If you use a phone or computer to send us a photo of your damaged mag wheel, we can usually assess the superficial damage (often called ‘gutter rash’) and provide you with a competitive quote for its repair, including wheel painting (if required). If the scratch or crack appears more serious, we will probably need to assess it in person, as there may be more substantial issues to deal with, such as buckling or serious stress fractures (that are not evident in a 2-d picture) that may require a more complex repair process.

At CNC Wheels, we always strive to offer you great advice, top class customer service and genuine value for money. When comparing us to other Sydney mag wheel restoration services, for either forged wheels or cast wheels repair, please ensure you are comparing like for like. Lots of new wheel repair companies have sprung up in Sydney (due to the increasing number of vehicles that come with alloy rims as standard) but many of our competitors cut corners and provide inferior repairs. At CNC Wheels we have invested a great deal in our leading-edge machinery and the comprehensive training of our staff, to guarantee our many happy customers great alloy wheel repair results every time.

The Mag Wheel Repair Process

The process of repairing your damaged mag wheels goes like this:

Firstly, we deflate and carefully remove the tyre, using special equipment so as not to cause further rim damage, then we jet-wash the wheel to remove any encrusted grime and accumulated brake-dust, in order to fully reveal the defects and make a thorough assessment. If at this stage, we detect irreparable damage we will inform you. But normally this is not the case.

Stone chips and scratches can be removed using our state-of-the-art, CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) equipment, which can handle rims up to 24-inches in diameter. This apparatus enables our engineers to carry out ‘face-machining’ using diamond-cutting tools, an extremely precise method of restoring mag wheels, which can be programmed to fully account for the curvature and patterns of the spokes. It is an extremely intricate process that only highly-trained technicians can successfully complete.

The results are consistently outstanding and your mag wheels will be swiftly returned to their original, showroom condition. Following the repair process, our painting team can provide any finish you require, using a spraying and baking process for resilience. Once this final stage is completed, we will use a balancing machine to carefully check the rim, and it will then be refitted to your vehicle along with the fully inflated tyre, using the correct torque on the wheel nuts. At which point you are able to drive away to impress your neighbours and friends with your ‘as good as new’ mag wheels!

Mag Wheel Loan Service

We understand how awkward it is to be without your car for even a day, so when you bring your car into CNC Wheels to get your mags repaired, we will even lend you some temporary replacement rims, at no extra cost, so that you can remain on the road while we carry out your mag repairs, which usually take 2-3 days (unless you choose our Express 1-day Service for an additional fee).

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Alloy Wheels Colour Change

Are you tired of the way your ride looks?⁠ Let us help you get your ride closer to the way you’d like it to look!⁠ Changing the colour of your wheels and/or calipers can give your car a whole new look. Because we mix all of our paint colour schemes here at CNC Wheels, we can match almost any car body colour, wheel colour or create a custom finish just for you. Opt for a colour change and upgrade the look of your ride this season.

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Even Cracked Mag Wheels Can Be Fully Restored by CNC

Cracked mag wheels are a common problem but now many fractured rims do not necessarily need to be scrapped, because our engineers can often weld them seamlessly back together, using our modern TIG welding equipment. Both the look and integrity of your rims can often be fully restored, which is far more economical than having to fork out for replacements costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Due to important safety considerations, rim welding is clearly something that should only be trusted to industry experts like CNC Wheels. As the mag wheel repair Sydney specialists we have the experience and knowledge to properly assess a mag wheel’s damage and judge if it is safe to go ahead is a fix, or if it is, in fact, beyond repair. To us, your safety is always our number one priority.

Contact Our Sydney Mag Wheel Repair Team Now for Advice and a No Obligation Quote

Our friendly Sydney team of mag repair experts is always on hand to discuss your alloy wheel restoration requirements, and will happily provide a fast, competitive quote. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you and carrying out your repairs to the highest standards.


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