Alloy wheel repair

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CNC Wheels is a full-service alloy wheel repair shop. Our technicians are highly-qualified in repairing all cosmetic damages on alloy wheels, including gutter rash repair, full alloy wheel refurbishment, face machining, diamond cut finish, custom paint, buckled wheels, cracked wheels, and more. All CNC Wheels technicians utilize state-of-the-art alloy wheel repair equipment and methods that we have developed over the year.

Alloy Wheel Repair Experts

CNC Wheels’ highly skilled technicians are experienced in the repair of thousands of alloy wheel styles and finishes. We provide our customers with the option to restore alloy wheels to like-new condition without the price tag of buying new wheels. All our repairs are fully guaranteed with 100% customer satisfaction, making CNC Wheels your superior alloy wheel repair shop in Sydney.

We Invest in Leading-Edge Alloy Wheel Repair Equipment

A tradesman is only as good as his tools, as the old saying goes, which is why we insist on providing our staff with the best specialist engineering equipment available anywhere in Australia. Modern Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) versions are gradually replacing traditional (multi-spindle) lathes and other gear, due to their relative ease of set-up, operation, accuracy and repeatability. Computer screens make life easy by providing various menus and display simulated views of the ongoing engineering process for pin-sharp accuracy. This helps to avoid expensive mistakes and allows us to restore alloy rims to their original, mint condition. So we really the only shop you’ll ever have to visit for alloy wheel repair, machined alloy wheel repair and diamond cut wheel refinishing.

We Care About Your Ride

Alloy wheels can be a heavy investment for some people. At CNC Wheels, we dedicated to repairing your alloy wheels without breaking your budget. We pride ourselves to provide not only the highest quality of alloy wheel repair but also we put customer experience and satisfaction as our first priority.

For over 10 years, we have achieved a large number of repeated customers across all Australia. As part of our alloy wheel repair service, we walk through with you on each step of the process while giving an outstanding experience and value for the money spent.

Thanks to our customers, we always look at bringing the latest wheel repair technologies into the Australian market. Lately, we have invested in a new state-of-art CNC machine, which is necessary for a professional alloy wheel repair process, to make sure we can deliver excellent results every time.

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Alloy wheel repair

Our friendly team will be happy to discuss your alloy wheel repair requirements and are happy to provide a competitive quote over the phone, to save you travelling to our Lansvale workshop. You could also email a photograph of the damage, to help our technicians make an assessment.

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