Black Rock Wheels Australia

Black Rock Wheels

Black Rock is an off-road wheels brand that provides high quality wheels for SUVs, 4WDs trucks and any off-road vehicle. You’ll find the right style for your 4×4 truck with our wide range of Black Rock rims. Give your truck a personalized new look and stand out from all the stock vehicles out there. We have Black Rock wheels from 16 inch to 22 inch starting from -30 to +35 offsets to fit any 4×4 vehicle.

Black Rock wheels are known for having unique, aesthetic and aggressive styling rims that make them stand-alone when choosing wheels for your truck. Using the latest equipment and superior craftsmanship, Black Rock manufacture alloy wheels that surpass those made by other competitors. Black Rock Rims are built to accommodate both off-road and on-road environments.

Black Rock Rims Australia

Trucks are made to handle pulling, hauling and towing heavy loads and what is a better way than doing it but with style. Don’t let your truck sit and lose value; put it to work and fully utilize its potential power. Check out the full line of Black Rock wheels Australia offered in many sizes and finishes. With its specialities 16-22 inches, we know you will find exactly what you need to suit your ride. We have single-piece cast alloys wheels with bold designs, aggressive fitments, and great value. These off-road wheel designs are load rated to suit Australia standards and are built to our exact quality standards with maximum strength, highest reliability, and a distinct appearance.


Why Black Rock Wheels?

Black Rock wheels are undeniably a leader in rims for Trucks, SUVs and Jeeps that come with definitive branding lip that has set the benchmark for competitors and imitators alike. With its different custom wheel styles to choose from and the famous Black Rock wheels expression “dirt or street, drive it hard”, these advanced and detailed wheels are built to guarantee unsurpassed strength and durability under any road conditions. Black Rock wheels are the right choice when the need for adventure strikes.

Where to Buy Black Rock Rims?

Black Rock off-road wheels are available at CNC Wheels in various finishes and colours to set off the look of your 4×4 truck. Choose from satin black, matte bronze, gloss black, candy red, tint face, gunmetal, milled, as well as outrageous custom finishing options. CNC Wheels is the first ever to source the complete Black Rock wheels stock to Australia and cannot be found anywhere in the southern hemisphere. Here are some selected designs that are continuously changing the game in the off-road field:

Black Rock Cage

The Cage by Black Rock wheels has a stand-out design that combines two-in-one performance versatility with revolving multi-spokes and a deep concave face. The Cage features one-piece cast construction to ensure maximum stiffness and weight reduction. Currently available in Satin Black and Dark Bronze with Black Ring finishes. The Cage comes in 17” and 18″ diameters to accommodate your all-terrain needs.

Black Rock Omega

The Omega by Black Rock is a performance engineered multi-spoke wheel design inset in a deep-step lip that leads to a thick beadlock ring style. The Omega features a minimal spoke design that is complemented by a flat profile to maintain strength while keeping the overall weight low. Offered in Bronze with Black Ring and Satin Black finishes. The Omega offered in 17” and 18″ diameters for most 4×4 vehicles.

Black Rock Omega satin black wheel rim

Black Rock Vulcan

The Vulcan is sure to be a big hit with off-road tuners. It’s a fresh new wheel that combines a 12-spoke rounded concave design and beefy centre cap. The finish is as exceptional as the design – a two-toned Satin Black With Bronze Tint. This gives the Black Rock Vulcan a stunning first impression and make a “big” difference in trucks and SUV’s appearance. The Vulcan comes in 18″ and 20″ diameters to perform the most demanding on-road and off-road environments.

Black Rock Vulcan matte black bronze tint wheel rim

Black Rock Forcer

Introducing the all-new Black Rock Forcer wheels. The Forcer is a 4×4 rim design features six-split beefy spokes that explode from a deep centre and crawls towards a brawny lip resulting in a massive crater-like appearance. The Black Rock Forcer is offered in 20×9 Satin Black and Gloss Black Bronze Tint finishes to fit 6-lug 4×4 vehicles.

Black Rock HEX

The Black Rock HEX wheel is inspired by true off-road racing. This innovative style combines a simulated beadlock ring with a deep-step lip and a concave profile to preserve the aggressive styling. The Black Rock HEX is offered in 17 inch, satin black finish, 6-stud fitments to enhance the look of any heavy-duty 4×4 truck.

Black Rock HEX Satin Black Wheels 4x4 Rims

Black Rock Rambler

Introducing the Rambler wheel by Black Rock Off-Road. The 12-spoke design is clean and uncluttered at rest, and it becomes a piece of art once it gets rolling. These hardened light alloy wheels will make a big statement to your ride and take your trucks and SUV’s to a whole step higher. Available in 20” diameter with a variety of lug patterns to choose from to fit a variety of Truck, Jeep, and SUV applications.

Black Rock Rambler Satin Black wheels 4x4 Rims

Best 4×4 Wheels

Are you looking for the best wheels for your 4×4 truck or SUV? CNC Wheels carries an ever-expanding selection of alloy wheels for on and off-road vehicles. We are officially the first to source the full range of Black Rock wheels in the southern hemisphere. It’s a fact!

Largest Distributor of Black Rock Wheels

On this page and across our whole site, you will see a wide range of styles, sizes, and specifications to help you get the right mag wheel for your 4WD. When it comes to selecting 4×4 wheels for your ride, CNC Wheels should be the first place that comes to your mind! We have dealt with many high-performance circuit vehicles, which makes us surpass our competitors in terms of experience. Our prices cannot be found anywhere in Australia as our wheels carefully selected and sourced from the top reputed dealers around the world.

Buy Black Rock Wheels

At times, purchasing wheels, particularly online, can be a bit tough to the mind. You required to understand things like the width, maximum diameter stud pattern, and offset. We, at CNC Wheels, got your back! Fortunately, our online wheel selector makes all of that stuff dead easy. All you need to know is your car’s make and model and then select the size of the mag wheel you want. Too easy!

Likewise, when you visit our CNC Wheels shop, we have in-house expert team to help you choose a rim that is just right for you. Black Rock Rims suit a wide range of vehicles including Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado, Nissan Navara NP300, Mazda BT-50, Nissan Navara, Volkswagen Amarok, LDV T60, and many more.

Buy 4×4 Wheel And Tyre Packages

Did you know that we also sell wheel and tyre packages for trucks and SUVs? After choosing your favourite Black Rock wheels, we can pair your rims with our large range of All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain tyres. Choose from top-leading brands such as Falken tyres, BF Goodrich tyres, Nitto tyres, Greenlander tyres and more! All our 4×4 tyres are of the highest quality to ensure that you get the best performance before you go on your off-road adventures. Contact us today and get the best deal on Black Rock wheels and 4×4 tyres package.