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Forged Wheels

It’ll probably not come as a surprise to you to learn that we are the forged wheels Sydney specialists. Not only do we carry out first-class repairs to Custom Forged Wheels, but we have the experienced engineers and cutting-edge equipment to build forged wheels to your unique design specifications.

CNC Wheels is the go-to destination for all your wheel-build and alloy wheel repair needs, where we offer first class repairs to performance forged wheels of premium brands, such as BC Forged wheels, Asanti Forged wheels and Vertini Forged wheels. We use state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing processes with precision work to ensure exceptional results every single time.

Forged Wheels Vs Cast Wheels

Forged wheels offer numerous advantages over cast wheels, since they are created using solid rather than liquid aluminium, which is power-hammered into place between metal dies (flat surfaces that shape the rim). This makes them both substantially lighter and stronger than cast wheels. Having less “unsprung weight” on your car is always desirable, because it means it will be less affected by road conditions and other external forces. This leads to improved vehicle performance.

Here are some advantages of custom forged wheels over cast wheels:

  • Cast wheels (most of which are built from A-356 aluminium) are generally only about 60% as strong as the premium alloys used in forged wheels.
  • Forged wheels require far less quantity of material to maintain equal rigidity to cast ones, ensuring they are much lighter in comparison.
  • Forged wheels are recommended for all low-profile tyre applications (2.5 inches of sidewall or less) since potholes, kerbs and road debris can easily bend cheaply cast rims.
  • Reduction of unsprung weight, through fitting forged wheels, equals improved vehicle handling and manoeuvrability for fast braking and acceleration times.
  • In terms of pure aesthetics, Forged wheels hold a brightly polished shine far longer than cast versions
  • Lighter rims reduce tyre wear-and-tear and improve fuel efficiency compared to steel wheels.

The Science Behind the Strength and Lightness of Forged Wheels

At a microscopic level, cast wheels possess a uniform grain, in which the molecules that the metal is comprised of are held together by mechanical adhesion – similar to a bowl of cooked rice. In contrast, forged wheels have an interlocking grain structure which maintains its integrity and is difficult to pull apart, more like a bowl of sticky, boiled spaghetti. This is where their superior strength lies. Forging is an ancient metalworking process, dating back thousands of years but its modern use has been expanded through use of electric and hydraulic hammers.

CNC Wheels use “6061-T6” aluminium alloy, which comes in ingots and uses magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements. This represents the gold standard in mag wheel construction. It is also commonly used in lightweight bicycle frames, fishing reels and remotely-controlled model aircraft. Cast wheels are generally made from the much heavier “A-356 aluminium” which is poured into a mould in molten form.

Early versions of “mag wheels” derive their name from the fact that motorsports wheels were once made from alloys based primarily on magnesium, but they were unrefined compared to the high-performance, contemporary alloy rims we see today.

Various Finishes Available

As with all our alloy wheels, CNC offers optional finishes, all applied in-house, using the best paints and lacquers in the automotive industry and baked on for exceptional durability.

Buy Forged Wheels

If you care enough about your car to have it fitted with forged wheels, CNC got all it takes. Whether you are looking for performance forged wheels or classic forged wheels, we got them all.  Contact our Sydney-based team to get a superb treat for any car enthusiast!


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