Nissan GTR R34 GT Form Marquee Satin Black Wheels

GT Form Wheels

Looking for performance wheels? Well, you are in the right place. GT form wheels are leading performance alloy wheels brand that was brought into the Australian market recently. The performance wheels brand is focusing on creating strong and lightweight alloy rims with unique designs and wheel fitments that support not only performance cars but also luxury and standard vehicles. Each wheel made by GT form wheels can be counted on to grant upscale style and superior durability.

In recent years, GT form has changed the game with creative, smooth, and moderate wheel designs. The creators have a passion for performance and precision engineering and are on an endless mission to create advanced wheel designs that both high-standards and cutting-edge to helo you make the statement you are seeking to make. The brand recently released new wheel designs that are already ruling the market in the USA and Canada. And now the fact that GT form wheels are available in the Australian market makes car enthusiasts want to replace their standard or OEM rims.

Why GT Form Wheels?

Our vehicles are an important part of our lives. In fact, we rely on them to such a significant extent that we cannot complete several tasks without them. For every vehicle, wheels are critical. In fact, with the right wheels, you can feel your car perform better in terms of stability, cornering and smoother drive overall. However, finding the right wheels is quite complex and even tiresome.

GT form Wheels combine power with luxury while engineering high performance alloy wheels for your vehicle. In fact, the brand is paying attention to every little detail when creating wheel style, finish or fitment. It helps in ensuring that your selected wheels are reliable and can stay with you for a long time while producing high performance abilities. They are designed to deliver optimal speed regardless of the circumstances. Whether you are driving on a highway or in the city, the grip and performance remain the same.

How GT Form Wheels Made?

Wheels may seem the simplest of components on a car, but wheel manufacturers are constantly developing the greatest manufacturing techniques and investing in strong and lightweight materials to produces high-quality rims. GT form wheels utilizing new manufacturing processes to a whole new level. The manufacturer is using FlowForm advanced technology to reduce weight and increase strength. This allows creating premium designs and quality alloy wheels.

Are GT Form Wheels Tested?

Strength is one of the most important points when developing wheels. To ensure the right quality and safety of your wheels, they must conduct three kinds of strict strength tests to confirm if the wheels meet the required conditions. GT form wheels have passed every test possible, including VIA, JWL and SAE standards to ensure they meet the test of time. These tests are also complied with the Australia standards to guarantee quality alloys and safe driving.

Let’s look at a group of modern and timeless GT form performance wheels available in a verity of sizes, configurations, and fitments;

GT form Marquee

The GT form Marquee is an aggressive and complex mesh-aesthetic wheel design that become reality for nearly any vehicle. The GT form Marquee wheel features a sharp look that modernizes the look of any vehicle. Also, the Marquee includes a concave profile to increase the aggressive styling of the rim. Now offered in Satin Black finish 20×9 and 20×10.5 to fit most 5 stud applications.

GT Form Manquee Satin Black Wheel Performance Rims


GT Form Venom

The Venom wheel features a modern, split 5-spoke wheel style that brings elegance design with timeless forward styling together. The Venom’s curved Y spokes and rounded edges allow creating a deep concave design that is ideal proposition for customers who want their cars to radiate sportiness. Now offered in Gloss Black 20×8.5 and 20×10 to fit most 5 stud applications.

GT Form Venom Gloss Black Wheel Performance Rims


GT Form Interflow

Introducing the GT form Interflow wheel. The Interflow is part of GT form’s luxury wheel collection made for drivers who desire uniqueness and dynamism. The rim design features twisted open five-spokes with and concave profile. The Interflow is precisely engineered to achieve the maximum performance of your ride.

GT Form Interflow Black Tinted Wheel Performance Rims

The GT form Interflow is offered in 19 inch Black Tinted (image above) and Gloss Black (image below) finishes to fit a variety of 5-stud applications. Customized red or black caps are available to choose from.

GT Form Interflow Gloss Black Wheel Performance Rims


GT Form Anvil

The GT form Anvil wheel is a minimal, yet complex classic multi-spoke concave rim design. The spokes are designed to run from the outer lip all the way to the centre giving the illusions of a larger overall diameter. The Anvil wheel fits right into the realm of unprecedented quality and trend-setting style.

GT Form Anvil Gloss Black Wheel Performance Rims

The GT form Anvil is exclusively available in 22×10.5 inch Gloss Black finish to fit Jeep Grand Cherokee, Range Rover and other 5-stud vehicles. Customized red or black caps are available to choose from.

GT Form Anvil Gloss Black Wheel Performance Rims


GT Form Revert

The Revert is a wild wheel design by GT form featuring spoke cuts to reduce weight and add precise detail to the design. The GT form Revert rim design has been crafted with a deep concave split five bespoke to it blends in with the vehicle’s style while making a subtle-but-firm statement with high end engineered look.

GT Form Revert Satin Black machined Face Wheel Performance Rims

The GT form Revert is available in 19 inch and 20 inch in two exclusive finishes – Satin Black Machined Face or Bronze Machined Face. Offered for most 5 stud vehicle applications.

GT Form Revert Bronze machined Face Wheel Performance Rims


GT Form Legacy

The Legacy is a signature solid and performance inspired five-spoke wheel design that is bold through its simplicity. The GT form Legacy showcases an industry-leading configuration of concave spokes with a deep-dish chrome lip design, flowing into a sunken profile. The rim embodies the duality of both function and form.

GT Form Legacy Gloss Black Chrome Lip Wheel Performance Rim

The GT form Legacy is offered in 19 inch and 20 inch in two finishes –  Gloss Black Chrome Lip or Gloss White Chrome Lip. Offered for most 5 stud vehicle applications. Customized red or black caps are available to choose from.

GT Form Legacy Gloss White Chrome Lip Wheel Performance Rim

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