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Hussla Wheels are leading luxury custom wheels brand that was as of late brought into the Australian market (since 2012). It has been creating strong and mechanically imaginative structures that clobber whatever else available. Additionally, Hussla wheels are made in Taiwan in one of the largest wheels factory along with other popular wheel brands. With a style that everlasting, it is an unquestionable must-have wheel for your ride. Hussla rims are machine cut intended to cool off the vehicles stopping mechanism with scope of custom colours to suit your vehicle. The multi-spoke configuration gives it a classy look appropriate for any car! in recent years, Hussla has changed the game with creative, smooth, and moderate wheels. The brand recently released new wheel designs that are already ruling the market – Hussla Ambush, Hussla Jacques, Hussla Directional, Hussla JDM, Hussla Shaz, and Hussla Maz. Regardless of your vehicle, Hussla has wheels that will add that additional zest to your day by day drive. Hussla wheels are true blue Aussie born and bred. They produce wheels for all types of vehicles, but 4x4s are their bread and butter. Choose from wheels like Toxic Shock, Stealth or Signature Series mag wheels and roll away ready to tackle anything. Here a host of Hussla Wheels to check out:

4X4 Hussla Wheels Collection

Hussla wheels 4x4 vehicles

► Hussla Ambush

Ambush the streets and off-road with the best selling 4×4 wheel by Hussla. The Hussla Ambush is proud to be the number one 4×4 wheel in Australia. This wheel is the official truck wheel that is on all trucks in 2019 and this year. Hussla Ambush wheels have just hit the nail on the head for the 4×4 modern market. Concave styling, extra load rating, sturdy yet elegant and classy wheel make it a winner on all street and off-road tracks Australia wide. It is the most comfortable choice when make to buy these wheels as you will feel safe and secure that your ride will look perfect and perform both on and off-road with these bad boys. Make the call today and join thousands who are happy and pleased with their Hussla Ambush wheels.


► Hussla Beretta

The Hussla Bretta features a floating-spoke design and sculpted spoke geometry combined into the round lipped rims to create a modern take on classical off-road wheels. The result is a unique wheel, completely refined, totally performance driven and an absolute gun that keeps the classy mesh styled wheel one of the best sellers to date. Bretta by Hussla – make it yours today.

Hussla Beretta Wheels Matte Black

► Hussla Signature Series

If it’s your time to give your SUV or 4WD a more luxury look, then the Signature Series is for you! Hussla has recently released its new Signature Series range of 2020, the SS1 and SS2. The SS1 comes with concave spokes and modern directional style that makes this wheel on hot choice. While the small centre cap keeps it unique to its kind, the SS1 is a classy and elegant fitment on all 4×4 rides. The SS2 dominant with its concaved spokes and exposed holes, make a design that never seen before by overlapping floating lines with precision and elegance. The Hussla Signature Series available in 3 separate finishes, including full matte black, gloss black and dark tint.

Hussla Signature Series

► Hussla Combat

The iconic design of the Hussla Combat perhaps describes everything the company stands for in the best way. Bold, sturdy, purposeful, and the converse of trendy. This multi spoke deep lip design 4×4 wheel would keep styling simple but effective on your four-wheel drive today.

Hussla Combat Wheels


Passenger Car Hussla Wheels Collection

► Hussla Jacques

The Hussla Jacques is taking a prominent spot inside of Hussla’ luxury wheel range of 2020. This unique design is one of its kind in the market. It comes with exceptional advanced detail, deep inner lip and concave spokes that insure keeping this premium wheel to make a bold statement on the broad Australian market. For better appearance, this wheel comes in three different coloured wheel caps for a customized finish. The original cap comes in matching the colour of the wheel while the other two caps come in candy blue and candy red. This luxury design gives a great brake extent to support high performance cars. Stand out from the crowd with this killer Jacques wheel. Now available in 19×8.5, 19×9.5, 20×8.5, 20×9.5 to fit most passenger cars.

Hussla Jacques Wheels

► Hussla Lit

The two-tone style of the latest Hussla Lit definite mesh wheel gives a modern and clean look that your car deserves. Smooth gloss black paint with two shades of dark tint machined face is sure to be an outstanding look on all 4 or 5 stud vehicles. Whether it be a muscle car, Euro ride or JDM spec there are assured of finishing off the overall look of your ride and give it the style and appearance it deserves.

Hussla Lit Wheels

► Hussla JDM

In search for the perfect JDM wheels? The Hussla JDM has the perfect Japanese wheel design for your passenger car. It features a 10-spoke curve design and made of a lightweight material that enhances the performance of any car. The Hussla JDM is available in 17” and 18” – gloss black, matte black, bright gold, matte bronze, hyper black, and burnt titanium to fit most 4-stud and 5-stud passenger cars.

Hussla JDM Wheels

► Hussla Zane

The all new Hussla Zane 5-spoke wheel is here! This very fresh and modern definite design magnifies its size and appearance with a deep concaved face, while securing its uniqueness with its contemporary dark tint colour or glossy black finish. The process of constructing the Zane is done with a low pressure cast; this will help keep the weight down and allow the strength not to be compromised. Keep your ride in good shape with these new Hussla Zane wheels. Now available in 19×8.5, 19×9.5, 20×8.5, 20×9, 20×10 in multiple offsets across 5 lug PCD patterns to accommodate a wide range of vehicles.

Hussla Zen Wheels

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largest range hussla wheels

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