When it comes to wheels, there’s a common misconception regarding fitment. Most of us think “well, the wheel just gets put on, they tighten the bolts and I drive off.” Well, that’s a huge misunderstanding of the whole process. There’s more to it than that. The wheel fitment depends on the vehicle, its purpose and how you want it to look. This article will talk about four different types of wheel fitment. There’s the Tuck, Flush, Poke and Stance fitment. You decide which is best for your vehicle.

Tuck Fitment

The Tuck Fitment gets its name because you place or ‘tuck’ the tire behind the vehicle’s fender. In this particular fitment, the design makes the car appear wider than it actually is. This fitment is most commonly used with air suspension designed vehicles.

Tuck Fitment

A flat profile tyre is best used with this technique. Sense your needing to tuck the wheel under the fender, this type of tyre makes the most sense. If this is a fitment that interests you, you will likely have to roll your fender to make the wheel fit more comfortably under them. Most stock fenders usually stop you from using the Tuck method, forcing you to roll your fender. This will give you the ability and clearance that the wheel needs to move correctly without rubbing or damaging anything. Air suspension is also a popular technique that allows you to lift and lower your vehicle as necessary to avoid speed bumps or deep curbs that could dent or ruin the hard work you’ve done to your ride.

Flush Fitment

This fitment gets its name because your wheels are Flush with the fender. Hands down, this fitment is the most common you will see. If you want to branch out and explore different tyre sizes, this fitment can give you a little bit of trouble with precise measurements and accuracy. Just being a few millimetres off can cause the vehicle to appear as if it had a Tuck or Poke fitment. The Flush Fitment allows for the best performance and lowers the overall cost of extra modifications. It seems like an option with some positives if you’re looking for a simple and clean look.

Flush Fitment

Poke Fitment

It’s known that people accidentally end up with a Poke fitment most of the time. For those who are aiming for this style, there are quite a few benefits to this fitment.

This style became popular back when drag racers would put on bigger tires onto the back end of their vehicles. Over time these tyre fitments got wider and wider. Muscle cars adopted this fitment style and made a statement in the car world. With the Poke style, you have to be careful with your suspension. It would help if you had a stiffer suspension that doesn’t affect your rear tyres whenever you give it some gas.

Poke Fitment

Stance Fitment

Even though this fitment won’t help you with speed, win races or support you on a windy back mountain road, it will get your vehicle noticed and in a good way. The Stance fitment doesn’t always mean you are driving on the inner edge of your wheels due to an overabundant amount of negative cambers. Every stock vehicle has at least some level of natural camber.

Stance Fitment 1

Even though not everyone appreciates this unique style, you still have to give these grease monkeys some credit. There are a lot of factors that have to be customized to pull off this look. Not only do they have to make sure it can drive afterwards, but they also have to adjust the air suspension, toe, camber and make sure it has the accurate fit. It isn’t an overnight project; it’s plenty of time in the garage. With a unique look that turns heads wherever you go, the time put on is worth the reward.

Stance Fitment 2

Let’s wrap this up

Even though there are other fitment types, they will all fall under a subcategory of these four. Now that we’ve gone over all of the main types of fitment, you’ll be able to set up your ride in the style that fits you. Even if you’re not looking to switch up things a little bit, now you can look around and appreciate what the other car lovers have done with their rides. Good luck and have fun with your future garage projects.

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