Choosing The Best Aftermarket Wheels

choosing the best aftermarket wheels rims

It’s quite a common choice for people to make their cars look beautiful and stand out in the crowd, and when they decide to improve these looks; new wheels often happen to be the most important element in this regard. A car comes with various parts, which not all can be easily changed by the owner; however, there are parts that can be customized by the owners as per their choice. In this process of customizing and personalizing your car; changing the wheels comes as one of the most critical choices to make.

When looking at your car, alloy wheels would have a dominant part of this look, if they are chosen well as per your personal taste and design. If you would make the right decision choosing aftermarket wheels, the visual appearance of your car would get enhanced with the best alloy wheels. It is vital to keep in mind that making the wrong decision in choosing aftermarket wheels is not only a disaster for the looks of the car, but it can also prove negative in terms of performance.

Pick The Right Aftermarket Rims

Many would think that it is quite easy to choose the best aftermarket wheels, but things don’t come that easy. You need to be extremely careful while making such choices for your car. It is observed that people often get carried away with the design and beauty of aftermarket wheels, whereas they don’t pay attention to its suitability in terms of driving the car. So, to avoid any kind of expensive mistake in choosing aftermarket wheels, we have prepared this little guide to give you a clear idea of things. You can look for attractive designs, strength, quality, or various other things, but a few elements and measurements should be kept in mind while making a final decision. Let’s have a look at some of the most crucial parts of choosing aftermarket alloy wheels.

The Diameter of the Wheel

When original wheels are going to be replaced with the aftermarket wheels, the diameter is one of the most critical factors. You need to be aware that changing wheel size can affect ride handling and cornering. However, if changes are done correctly, the stability of your car or SUV will improve at any road condition. Make sure you choose the right aftermarket wheels. The diameter selection should be on target, otherwise, you won’t get the look and performance for your car.

Width of the Wheel

The wheel fitted by the manufacturer of your car comes with a certain width, and when aftermarket wheels are selected, you need to follow the width limits followed by the company. Should you go with staggered fitment or not? Square fitment means the front and rear wheels are the same widths. Staggered fitment means the rear wheels are wider. If you want a more aggressive look for your ride, then go with a staggered fitment. This gives you a wider tyre with a wider patch on the road.

Also, you need to assess very carefully, like what kind of tyres are going to be the best fit, and which kind of wheels would comply with the guards of the wheels. One must realize the fact that the width of the wheels is going to make an impact on the size of your tyres, and tyres are linked with the comfort and road performance of the vehicle. If tyres are narrow, and wheels are wider, then the ride of the vehicle would come with more reduction and vibration. On the other hand, if tyres are big in size, whereas wheels are narrow; here again the performance of the car would be poor.

Look at the example on this Nissan GTR. See how using wider GT form Marquee wheels (20×9 front and 20×10.5 rear) makes it look so sweet? So if you looking for performance, go with staggered fitment if you can. Not all cars can fit staggered aftermarket wheels so make sure you check it before purchasing a set.

Bolt Pattern and Offset

The offset of the wheels is so critical because this offset determines the wheels to get fit-in with the wheel arch, as well as, the hub. Every vehicle comes with an optimum level of offset, and when aftermarket wheels are fitted with more deviation; it means that wheels won’t look the best fit for the vehicle. The bolt pattern is another key thing to look at. It is crucial for an owner to know that when wheels are a bit different than the original ones, then there will always be a margin of error. However, the bolt pattern should always be kept the same as the original wheels had.

Read more about wheel offset and backspacing here.

Steel or Alloy

In traditional terms, two types are associated with the wheels; the first one is based on steel, whereas the second one is based on alloy. It is often observed that car manufacturers do use steel wheels to cut their costs. However, car manufacturers with premium recognition would always use alloy wheels. Steel wheels can be less expensive as compared to alloy wheels but allow wheels are way better in terms of road grip and performance. If you are going to drive cars on long routes, and travelling is a routine part of your life, then you should buy alloy wheels to ensure the quality and performance of your car.

Our Recommended Aftermarket Wheels For Cars

If you are looking for quality aftermarket wheels, then GT form wheels are the right choice. The brands have introduced lately to the Australian market with a high division on creating strong and lightweight performance wheels with unique designs and fitments that support performance, luxury and standard vehicles. Since GT form wheels became available in Australia, many car enthusiasts replaced their OEM or standard alloy wheels with a set for GT form wheels.

Our Recommended Aftermarket Wheels For Trucks

Do you own a truck, 4WD or SUV? Then you must have heard of Black Rock Wheels. If not, let us introduce you to the next level in off-road development. Black Rock is an off-road wheels brand that provides high-quality 4×4 rims for SUVs, 4WD trucks and any off-road vehicle. The brand offers a wide range of wheels in a verity of size, finishes and configurations. Using the latest equipment and superior craftsmanship, Black Rock manufacture alloy wheels that surpass those made by other competitors.


Buy Wheel And Tyre Package

Did you know that we also sell wheel and tyre packages for cars, 4×4 trucks and SUVs? After choosing your favourite aftermarket wheels, we can pair your rims with our largest range of tyres. Choose from top-leading brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Falken, BF Goodrich, Nitto, Bridgestone tyres and more! All our aftermarket wheels and tyres packages are of the highest quality to ensure that you get the best performance before you go on your on-road or off-road adventures. So, throw your worries away, and get in touch with us to get things done in the most professional manner.

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