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Jeep Grand Cherokee / GT Form Anvil Wheels


Jeep Grand Cherokee Wheels

Finding suitable wheels for Jeep Grand Cherokee can be challenging, especially if you are looking for 22 inch wheels (ones that do stand out on your Grand Cherokee). Not only the style should match the aggressive look of your Jeep, but also the width and the offset. If you decide on 22 inch wheels, It is not recommended to go with 9″ width simply because they won’t be wide enough for Grand Cherokee. The current fitment is 22×10.5 for a wide, aggressive and expensive look.


Now that you know which size to go on your Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s time to choose the right style! The GT form Anvil is made for those striving to add a new level to their vehicle. The rim is elegantly crafted using lightweight alloy and a gloss black finish that will perfectly complement your Grand Cherokee appearance and make it stand out.


  • Lip size, concavity, and overall appearance.
  • Made of the highest quality alloy material.
  • Quality and consistent gloss black finish.


  • Transform your ride appearance to the next level.
  • Lightweight yet extremely tough construction.
  • Tred-setting finish for a luxurious look.

Now let’s take a look at Jeep Grand Cherokee fitted with GT form Anvil 22×10.5 gloss black finish with Pirelli Scorpion 285/35/22 tyres.

WOW! Now that’s the look you want for your ride. You don’t have to look anymore for wheels. The multi-spoke concave design totally transformed the look of Grand Cherokee and gave it the appearance it deserves. It’s time to level up your ride!

Did you know? GT Form wheels offer two custom coloured centre caps to choose from, Red or Black. Pick one that suits your ride! Our customer chose a Red caps to match with the Red Brembo brake calipers. Even though your Grand Cherokee brakes are not red, we can professionally paint them with high quality paint (include water and heat resistance that meets Australian conditions) to match the centre caps. Contact us for more info.

GO Form anvil wheels gloss black 22 inch


GT Form wheels are known for breathtaking wheel designs and impeccable quality. GT Form wheels are constantly looking at design trends and interacting with fellow enthusiasts to make the most informed decisions when actualizing any rim style, finish, or fitment from concept to reality. Each wheel can be counted on to grant upscale style and exceptional durability. The company is using Flow Form Technology to manufacture its wheels. During the manufacturing process, the molecular structure of the metal changes to produce light and strong wheels that meet the test of time. GT Form is only doing one thing and they do it right – Performace Wheels.

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